Applications closed!

Applications closed!

RADIANT CREATOR Workshop – Vegetable Production Systems Event


The aim of this workshop is for the RADIANT project to support showcasing innovative ecofriendly management practices for sustainable production of underutilised vegetable crops. There will be multiple opportunities to see examples of success stories and research results for a range of cultivation systems, for example:

–          closed hydroponics;

–          vertical farming;

–          decision support systems for enhanced crop nutrition e.g., NUTRISENSE;

–          sustainable farming practices e.g., organic, conservation, advanced crop rotations

–          other nature-based solutions e.g., biofertilisers and bioactives.

These principles based on the application of these technologies are based on cyclic use of natural organic materials and fertilisers, and facilitated by use of novel precision management decision support systems (DSS). The approaches will reduce nutrient losses, increase nutrient use efficiency, optimise system function and so crop performance and resilience.

There will be the opportunity to visit the Intelligent Green Crops SA, a modern greenhouse with a commercial hydroponic nutrient film (NFT) technique sliding-bench system, showing the value of soilless cropping systems that demonstrate a validated advanced system for recycling of fertigation effluents and minimization of nutrients losses and generation of greenhouse gases.

Interacting with stakeholders in agri-food production will be a key element during this visit, while getting to know a range of other hydroponic- and vertical-farming enthusiasts.

Date: June 02 and 03 2022
Local: Atheens, Greece

Rua de Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto

Phone(+351) 226 196 200